Pole Dancing Lessons in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas is home to the legendary glittering show girls and glamorous exotic dancers.  Why not exercise your “adventure muscles” and try something outside your ordinary regime and normal everyday boundaries; such as, yes, pole dancing.  Pole dancing is actually fun and a great way to exercise, stay flexible and loose a little excess winter weight. 

I did wear high heels for our class, although you can go barefoot, and everyone (thankfully) kept their clothes on.  There were no men around and classes took place in a professional studio owned by dance instructor and pioneer, Fawnia Dietrich.  We booked a private class for a few female friends and had a fabulous afternoon of laughing, learning and dancing.

This is really a Las Vegas “must” for any Adventure Woman and it doesn’t matter if you’re 21-years-old or 71-years-old; this is something you’ll enjoy (even if it makes you blush on the occasional provocative move).  Having little to no dance experience myself, I was still able to follow the short (yet sexy) routine that was taught to seductive music in a vibrant red studio with a dozen or more gold poles.

 If, like me, you forget your pole dance routine as soon as you walk out the studio doors you can buy Fawnia’s own videos (she was the first woman in the world to produce instructional pole dancing videos) to jog your memory and keep you exercising in your own home.  No pole in the house?  Fawnia and her instructors teach salsa, belly dancing, striptease, kick boxing and cardio cabaret among other forms/styles of dance.

This is the perfect idea for a bachelorette party, birthday or just a group of women wanting to have to have a uniquely fabulous time in sin city (without actually sinning).  I highly recommend Pole Fitness Studio as the ‘go to’ place in Vegas for learning pole dancing and other forms of exotic dance.  Why?  Because Fawnia is a real pioneer in her field, she is woman entrepreneur who is a true professional and she really knows her stuff.  Lastly, she is just a really nice person.  And you can’t beat working with a kind person who maintains a friendly and professional staff.

See, Our Supplies Tent for our exclusive offer from Pole Fitness Studio or visit our Official Adventure Woman Blog.   If you go, then let us know:  Submit@AdventureWoman.com.  And as always, tell them Adventure Woman sent you.

Photo: Nina & Beth at Pole Fitness Studio