1. Create your destiny
2. Love Yourself
3. Be Passionate
4. Discipline Your Yourself
5. Focus on the Positive
6. Expand Your Boundaries
7. It’s Only a Risk if it Scares You
8. Dream Big(ger)
9. Trust Yourself
10. Seize Opportunities
11. Build Your Best Self
12. Pursue Adventure
13. Everyone Else is Not You
14. Talk to People
15. Don’t give Up
16. Be Kind
17. Confront All Problems
18. This Too Shall Pass
19. The Disciple is in the Details
20. It’s not over Until its Over
21. Make an Effort to Communicate
22. Schedule Yourself
23. Make a Commitment
24. Ask an Expert
25. Draw a Line in The Sand
26. Be Safe
27. You Don’t Have to Justify Your Dreams
28. Take Turns
29. It doesn’t have to be Difficult
30. Hold Your Ground
31. Tomorrow Never Comes
32. It Takes A Lot To Achieve Anything
33. Work on Your Own Faults First
34. Find a Partner that Keeps Up Your Courage
35. Better to Turn Back Than Lose Your Way
36. Love by Your Own Rules
37. If You Want Your Dreams to Come True – Don’t Sleep.
38. Know when to move on
39. Have an Opinion
40. Losing is a part of it. Accept it.
41. Play to Win
42. Write Letters Regularly
43. Make Everyday Count
44. It’s Lonely at the Top
45. Say Please & Thank you
46. Life is a Difficult Journey
47. Lend a Helping Hand
48. Don’t Be Overly Critical of Others
49. Never Approach Life Half Cocked
50. Don’t Change Your Life For Another Person
51. Forgive Yourself
52. Do What You Fear Most
53. A Honest Apology is a Sign Of Strength
54. No one Else Know What You Want
55. Understand What Makes You Happy and Unhappy
56. Keep your promises
57. Don’t take ‘No’ for an answer
58. Nourish Your Soul
59. Be the Captain of Your Ship
60. Take Your Life Seriously
61. You Cannot Summit a Mountain By Climbing it in Your Mind
62. Go Your Own Way
63. Travel Often
64. Don’t Please Everyone
65. Die Doing - Not Criticizing
66. Set Your Own Expectations
67. If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going You’re Lost
68. Make a Plan
69. Keep an Active Imagination
70. Smile
71. Think You Can
72. Give a Compliment
73. Define Your Own Life
74. Forgive Yourself
75. Believe in the good
76. Accept help
77. Budget for the Worst
78. Pack in Advance
79. Have a Backdoor Plan
80. Create beautiful moments
81. Record Memories
82. Don’t get Emotional
83. Live Richly instead of dying rich
84. Discretion is the better part of everything
85. Survival of the wisest
86. Write it down
87. Always Have Something to Look Forward To
88. Call a friend
89. Always Believe Your Are in the Prime of Your Live
90. Just Forget it
91. Love to Learn
92. The Best Adventure is into the Unknown
93. Always be able to Pack Your Own Tent and Leave
94. Risk more
95. Stick up for Yourself
96. Support the Underdog
97. Think it out
98. Speak up
99. Make an (extra) effort
100. Respond promptly
101. Be Confident
102. Tell it like it is
103. Look for Role Models
104. Be an example for others
105. Keep a moral compass
106. Make a List
107. Think Creatively
108. Life is Unpredictable
109. The Past Has the Power You Give It
110. Be your Best
111. Act Like You Can’t Fail
112. Review your map
113. Celebrate (regularly)
114. Preserve memories
115. Don’t Measure Another’s Backpack on Your Own Body
116. Work for Your Dreams
117. Respect Yourself
118. Aspire to Be Brave
119. Try Something New
120. Be Optimistic
121. Protect Your Time
122. Compliment Others
123. Imagine a Better Life
124. Spend Time Outdoors
125. Try the Ice Before You Walk on It
126. Enjoy Being Alone
127. Keep Your Promises
128. Show up
129. Keep on Trying
130. Be Proud of Yourself
131. Pass It On
132. Know Your Companions
133. Live How You Wish To Live
134. You Can’t Travel to Another Continent Without Leaving Home
135. Listen
136. Love the Planet
137. Always Believe Life Could be Better
138. Be the Artist of your Journey
139. Leave Your Footprints Behind
140. Don’t Be Boring or even worse, Bored
141. Acknowledge Your Obstacles
142. Weigh Your Options
143. Read and read More
144. Think For Yourself
145. Life in a Game of Inches
146. Make a Decision
147. Keep Your Thoughts to Yourself
148. Be Generous
149. Make Up Your Mind
150. Don’t Overestimate Yourself to Others
151. Exercise
152. Don’t Give Up
153. Be Polite
154. Laughter is the Best Medicine
155. Believe You Can
156. Play The Cards Your Dealt
157. Know the Rules
158. Walk in Someone Else’s Moccasins
159. Be a Team Player
160. Challenge the Status Quo
161. Show Your Gratitude
162. Promote Yourself
163. Count Your Blessings
164. Be on Time
165. Try to Improve
166. Be Prepared
167. Know When to Turn Around
168. Accept the hands of Fate
169. Share the Glory
170. Act Friendly
171. Live a Life of Diversity
172. You Never Regret Giving Your Best
173. Research Other Possibilities
174. Sometimes the Road is Rocky
175. Keep Your Word
176. Learn From Experience
177. Do it Better Than the Next Person
178. Know Your Priorities
179. Getting to the Top is Uphill
180. Pursue Happiness
181. Overcome Your Fears
182. Believe in Yourself
183. Paddle Your Own Canoe
184. Make it Exciting
185. Try, Try Again
186. Make Time For Family
187. Change Your Routine
188. Be Comfortable with the Uncomfortable
189. Roll with It
190. Be a Gracious Winner
191. Lose Like You’ve Won
192. Be Responsible
193. Acknowledge Your Obligations
194. Reward Yourself
195. Beware of Shortcuts
196. Get in the Spirit of Life
197. Learn to Keep a Secret
198. Set a High Standard
199. Praise: The Ultimate Giveaway
200. You Decide What is Best for You
201. Achieve Big with Small Regular Actions
202. Keep a Current List of Your Accomplishments
203. Ride off Road
204. Don’t let Others Define Your Limits
205. Stay Focused
206. Have Good Habits
207. Keep a Winner’s Attitude
208. Finish What You Start
209. Act Now
210. Life is Abundant
211. Yes, You Can!
212. Have a Goal
213. Believe in the Impossible
214. Know Your Worth
215. Live With Style
216. See The Big Picture
217. Know What Makes You Happy
218. Be Bold
219. Be in the Moment
220. Do What You Think is Right
221. Having Fun is a Serious Matter
222. Don’t Squander Your Abilities
223. Do Something Spectacular
224. Keep an Adventurous Spirit
225. Make Specific Deadlines
226. Believe in Your Passion
227. Go Where You’ve Never Been
228. A Vacation and an Adventure are Not the Same
229. Wealth is in Experiences Not Possessions
230. Be Fair
231. Living a Safe Life Can Be Dangerous
232. Aim High
233. Know What is Important to You
234. You Have One Life Use It Wisely
235. Be Tough as Nails
236. Make the Time
237. Work Breeds Miracles
238. Don’t Be a Passenger in Life
239. Personality Goes a Long Way
240. Achieve the Extraordinary
241. Don’t Compromise Yourself
242. Take Second Chances
243. If you Wait, It May Be Too Late
244. Stepping Backward May Take You Forward
245. Take the Road To Freedom
246. Be Crazy
247. Take a Leap of Faith
248. Weather the Storm
249. Leave Ordinary Behind
250. You Write Your Future
251. Trust the Dots Will Connect
252. Be Passionate or Don’t do it.
253. Hard Work is Hard
254. Stay True to What You Believe
255. Make Wise Choices
256. Swing to Knock it Out of the Park
257. Leave Nothing to Chance
258. Let People Know You Care
259. Go It Alone
260. Regret is Worse than Adversity
261. Believe in Luck
262. Live without Regret
263. Be Patient
264. Have Faith
265. Mistakes are Stepping Stones
266. Let Your Mind take a Trip
267. Take a Gamble
268. Have a Purpose
269. Create Your Own Circumstances
270. Double Your Failure Rate
271. Resist Conformity
272. Create Exceptional Moments
273. Be Yourself
274. The Shortest Trip is Life itself
275. Don’ Compromise Yourself For Company
276. Live For Greatness
277. Know Before You Go
278. Think of a Solution
279. Dare to Reach Beyond Yourself
280. Keep it in Perspective
281. Embrace Change
282. Don’t Complain, Don’t Explain
283. Always Look For the Silver Lining
284. Disappointments Make You Interesting
285. Make Your Star Sparkle
286. There is Always a Way
287. Keep Hope Alive
288. Never Miss the Opportunity to Give an Encouraging Word
289. Establish Your Priorities
290. Sometimes You Have to Play Hurt
291. Find the Courage to Prove Yourself
292. Be Productive
293. Look For Hidden Opportunities
294. Know What Matters
295. Life Ebbs and Flows
296. Make the World Your Palace Not Your Jail
297. You May Have to Wait Longer Than Tomorrow
298. Saddle up Anyway
299. Have Something to Say
300. Set Your Own Expectations
301. Success Breeds Success
302. If You’re in the Dark, Find a Light switch
303. Do What You Can
304. Harness Your Own Power
305. Love What You Do
306. Be Responsible For Yourself
307. Life is a Game of Inches
308. Don’t Wait Until the Last Day of Summer
309. Go Out on a Limb
310. Have a Teflon Resilience
311. Ask Lots of Questions
312. Live Life Until the End
313. Return Home
314. Do What You Can
315. Own Your Life
316. Stress Can Be Good
317. Keep Your Sense of Humor
318. Don’t Live for Today
319. Look the Part
320. Stand Behind What You Say
321. Have a Vision For Yourself
322. Surround Yourself with Positive People
323. Know What you Want
324. Don’t Cheat
325. Believe in something Bigger than Yourself
326. Find a Reason
327. Fill Your Canteen Before You Are Thirsty
328. Dream to Dare
329. Don’t Walk on Others to Get Ahead
330. Better a Fool than a Bore
331. Be an Original
332. People who Think They Can Change the World
333. Give Yourself Permission
334. Be in No Ones Shadow
335. Cultivate Your Image
336. You Can’t Succeed in Living Forever, Only Living Now
337. Find Your Motivation in Life
338. Make Informed Decisions
339. Make the Attempt
340. Know What You Are and Are Not
341. Know the Power of an Idea
342. Explore
343. Tomorrow is Another Day
344. Embrace the Magical
345. Find Your Groove
346. Live Free and Easy
347. Find Your Inspiration
348. Do What it takes
349. Don’t Settle
350. Visualize a Life of Adventure
351. Never Say Never
352. Think For Yourself
353. Exploit Your Best Qualities
354. Trust Your Instincts
355. Assume the Best
356. Hope is More Powerful Than Despair
357. Ambition outweighs Talent
358. Be Indestructible
359. Define Yourself
360. Develop Brains and Beauty
361. Don’t forget the Unforgettable
362. Always Think You Have a Chance
363. Cut to the Chase
364. It’s a Fabulous World
365. Love More
366. Take a Leap of Faith
367. Aspire to Be Brave