“…most people's lives have prepared them to do something great and when the situation presents itself you go for it regardless of the consequences.”

Sheila Vayenas (1955-
Advocate, rescuer and protector of abused animals; Sheila Vayenas is a heroine for homeless canines and felines across the country. She started a volunteer group called, ASAP (Adopt Shelter Animals Please) to save pets on the brink of being put down. Each day Sheila commits hours to her rescue work while still maintaining her career as a voice coach and singer. The money from her CD, “Songs Worth Singing” goes to help rescue helpless, and often hopeless, animals. “We alert people of animals needing rescues in kill shelters, animals that have been horrifically abused, animals left tied to trees with no food or water, those left alone in homes that have been in foreclosure, or need funds for surgery.” On behalf of the thousands of animals you’ve saved: we thank you, Sheila.