“I became proud that I was part of something so amazing that… made me feel great.”

Katie Neilson (1987 –)
“The day I can attach a longboarder to my name without the image of dreads and sandals, is the day my job is well done.” Katie is a champion longboarder. She is the 2009 US National Champion, and ranks second in North America and fifth in the world. “I've always been fascinated with skateboarding.” Katie states. “Any kind, any discipline...I was never able to get enough of it since I was a child…. Longboarding has been the medium in which I can push my limits on a skateboard.” She says longboarding “has given me an entirely new respect for women due to the fact that I was always a tom boy who didn't really like hanging out with girls, ever. Now I am inspired by them.” What is it like being a pioneer in a non-traditional Female sport? “Its Freaking Awesome.”