“Life is short and I just wanted to not one day resent missed opportunities and feel sorry because I did not live my dreams.”

Ronelle Van Rooyen (1961-)
“It took us 3 years to plan a new life, buy a yacht and sail...” Six months later Ronelle’s husband had a fatal heart attack. “The kids (5, 7, 14) and I found ourselves somewhere on a small island.... it was devastating.” In memory they continued their circumnavigation. “We followed the sun and headed west towards South America, the Caribbean, Central America, Panama, Ecuador, Galapagos, Marquises, Tahiti... We dived, we swam, we fished, we home schooled, we kayaked. We had nail biting experiences… engine break downs , sails got stuck, our propellers got caught up in a trawler's fishing net one night 600 miles from land. We had wild rough seas and strong winds... but we lived our lives to the fullest.”