“A woman that's too soft and sweet is like tapioca pudding-fine for them as likes it.”

Osa Leighty Johnson (1892-1953)
Singer, Osa Leighty, married her match in adventurer Martin Johnson. Together they produced some of first and finest documentary adventure films. Both received their pilot’s licenses and flew the length of Africa getting never-before-seen aerial views of exotic animals thundering across the African plains. They were also the first pilots to fly over and film Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya. Osa was the first white woman that the Borneo headhunters had ever seen, and they rubbed her skin to see if the color would come off. In 1937, Martin was killed flying commercially. Osa survived the crash and wrote her autobiography, I Married Adventure, adapting it into a documentary film in 1940. The Johnson Safari Museum is in Chanute, Kansas – Osa’s birthplace.