“If you dare to be your own person, you can accomplish anything.”

Alexanderia the Great (Donna Purnell) (1961-)
Inspired by the legendary escape artist, Harry Houdini, Alexanderia is the reigning open underwater escape artist performing death defying escapes even more dangerous than Houdini. She plunges into the water with a 15lb lead weight belt, two sets of steel shackles, nine padlocks, and 25 ft of ¾ inch chain for a total of 55lbs of weight. But it is her steel nerves that get her back to the surface. In a sport traditionally taboo for women, Alexanderia boasts, "We can be just as daring as men out there, and I think we're cooler at it.” The mother of three calls her escape, The Underwater leap of Faith. “When you jump into 12.5 feet of water with 55 lbs of chains and shackles there is no turning back...” Why does she do it? “I love the challenge.”