“If someone says you can't live your dreams, go out and live them, and live them well. Then inspire the doubters by making sure they know about your success.”

Susan Chaplin (1944-)
Carrying only her passport, a change of clothes, and a few survival items, Susan paddles hundreds of miles alone on her 14ft long board in the Caribbean. She is first person to paddle sixty miles from Tortola to Puerto Rico and is the first to cross the four twenty-mile plus channels between Guadeloupe and St. Vincent, and she’s still going strong. “It’s not about setting records.” She says, “…people think that because they aren’t a recognized celebrity or a sports icon that they shouldn’t bother to do their best… They don’t push their limits; they don’t explore their capabilities.” An accomplished photographer and super athlete she lives on a remote island with three paddleboards, two surfboards, a computer and a camera. “That’s all I need.”