“I would like to help fly fishers to enjoy it more in their own styles and in the easy way.”

Misako Ishimura (19XX-)
Born in Osaka, Japan, Misako Ishimura began her career as an international dancer. She later turned her grace and agility to fly fishing becoming a member of the Japanese fly fishing team; serving as team captain of World Championships in England(2000), France(2002), Spain (2003) Slovakia (2004) Sweden (2005) Portugal (2006) Finland (2007) New Zealand (2008) Scotland (2009) and Poland (2010). She is founder and chair president of the World Fly Fishing of Japan. She has served as the director of the International Flyfishers and the Goodwill Ambassador of the Club Liaison Committee. Misako coordinated the first US exposition of Tenkara - Japanese Traditional Fly Fishing. Additionally, she is an accomplished painter and visual artist.