“Yes there are expectations, but no one expects more out of me than I do.”

Chrissie Wellington (1977-)
Chrissie Wellington is becoming a household name in Britain. The little blonde girl from rural Norfolk has grown up to be the record-breaking champion of one of the planet’s most grueling races. She is the reigning Triple Ironman World Champion (2007, 2008, 2009). “One of my childhood dreams was that I could too have my name etched in history as a record-breaker.” Chrissie is proudly helping to bring triathlons into mainstream sports. But she admits, “Being a triathlete at any level requires dedication and sacrifice, and it will not always be pretty – there is hard work, sweat, tears…” As for the World Champion’s future, “I hope that I, and others, can continue to raise the bar, keep men looking over their shoulders and that my record too will one day be broken, by myself and others.”