“If I truly believe it --- I can achieve it!”

Jackie Kallen (1946-)
Reputed to be the “World’s Most successful Boxing Manager” and the “First Lady of Boxing,” Jackie Kallen was one of the first women pioneers to break into the tough male-dominated sport of boxing. She worked as a publicist, manager and promoter - managing six champions, and twice being nominated for ‘Manager of the Year.’ She received the prestigious Aileen Eaton Award for ‘Lifetime Achievement’ from the World Boxing Hall of Fame, and was inducted into the California Boxing Hall of Fame. Her life story inspired the Paramount film, Against the Ropes. Jackie is an author, speaker, and film producer. She is involved in a variety of charities and causes; including combating domestic and gang violence. She recommends, “Strive for greatness, achieve your goals, and give credit where credit is due.”