“We had breathed the atmosphere of that great mountain-world…the grandeur of which satisfies so fully...”

Fanny Bullock Workman (1985-1025)
Fanny, an American feminist, scientist and explorer; traveled almost half her lifetime. In 1906, she became the first woman to climb to an altitude of over 23,000 feet; a record that stood for 28-years. She and her husband, Dr. William Hunter Workman, were avid adventurers. The couple, well into their forties, made eight expeditions of the Himalayan Mountains; long before they were fully explored and mapped, and without the aid, of lightweight gear, sun block and freeze-dried foods. They also hiked and bicycled extensively; reputedly cycling 14,000 miles in India and over 20,000 miles in total. Their travels produced eight volumes of work. Fanny was also the first American woman to lecture at the Sorbonne.