“Being loved is to me as the air that I breathe.”

Lady Jane Digby (1807-1881)
Lady Jane Digby was an Adventure Woman before her time. She is considered by many to be “the most remarkable woman of the nineteenth century.” She was an excellent equestrian, spoke and read nine languages, was both musical and artistic, and was a passionate adventurer; traveling to remote destinations alone at a time when women had few rights. During her lifetime she had at least eight books written about her. She was bold, independent and adventurous in love. At seventeen she married an English Lord, who proved to be unfaithful. She left him for an Austrian Prince and went through a scandalous divorce. When the Prince left her she became Mistress to King Ludwig I of Bavaria. She then married a Greek Count who also was unfaithful. Renouncing men forever, she traveled the Orient, only to meet and marry an Arab Sheik 20 years her junior. She built herself a palace, but lived half the year in tents as a nomad. Her Great Grand niece is Pamela Digby Harriman, former US Ambassador to France.