“Live small, travel BIG! Less stuff = more life experiences.”

Julie Conover (1958 -)
I was very lucky to have been raised by a couple of adventurous European immigrants, who arrived in America with nothing and taught me to value life experience, not material things. Julie grew up with a map of the world tacked to the wall red dots designating the places her father visited as a Merchant Marine. She never dreamed of marriage and a big house. She wanted to see the world! At 23 years old, armed with a bike, panniers, sleeping bag, and a road map of Europe, Julie and a friend took off on a six month cycling adventure of Europe. The trip fueled a life-long love of travel and after a 10 year stint as a stockbroker, her wanderlust finally won out and the TV show Passport to Adventure was born. Julie is the host, writer, and producer of the program and website.