“We’re all going through our own individual journeys… And they all have the similarity to a walk around the world in that you take one, small, manageable step at a time.”

Polly Letofsky (1962 -)
Polly is the first woman to walk around the world overcoming language barriers, religious riots, and even earthquakes. Her five year journey began with a first step from her home in Vail, Colorado. Polly traveled 14,000 miles crossing 4 continents and 22 countries in 1825 consecutive days. Her motivation was inspiring global breast cancer awareness. Her trip generated over 2000 newspaper, magazine, radio and television features. She is living testament to the fact that one person can have a positive impact on women world-wide. As Polly says, “Small steps, big feat.” Polly is the author of 3MPH, the story of her awe-inspiring trek, and she is a professional motivational speaker. The film, GlobalWalk, is a documentary about her courageous walk for breast cancer.