“I’m a very ordinary woman who has had a very extraordinary life through the magic of fly-fishing.”

Joan Salvato Wulff (1926 )
Joan is one of the most legendary anglers and fly casters in the world. She began in 1937, as a ten year old in a casting tournament. Joan initially had to convince her father that females could successfully fish, and during the course of her career has proven this to the world. “Good fly casting is beautiful, graceful, and feminine. I love it” says Joan. She was a National Casting Champion from 1943-1960 and won the National Fisherman's Distance Casting event against an all-male field (casting a 9-weight outfit 136 feet). She has cast heavier tackle 161 feet, an unofficial Women’s record. She is the author of Joan Wulff’s Fly Casting Techniques, Fly Fishing: Expert Advice from a Woman’s Perspective, and Fly Casting Accuracy. Her fourth book will be published in 2012. She is co-founder of the Wulff School of Fly Fishing.