Lynn Hartwell Prebble (1952-)
At only 4 feet 11 inches, Lynn packs significant resolve, power and high-altitude spirit. Lynn, a Kansas native, and physical therapist, didnít take up climbing until she was 35 years old and had been living in Colorado for a number of years. Today, she has reached the summit of Coloradoís 200 highest mountains. Additionally, she has climbed Mont Blanc in France, the Matterhorn in Switzerland, Iztaccihuati in Mexico and the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. She was a select member of an all-female Everest Expedition followed by the Discovery Channel, and she is the 15th American woman to summit Cho Oyu (26,905 feet). She is living proof that it is never too late for a petite mother of three children to tackle the highest peaks in the world and achieve unfathomable dreams of adventure.