“Many Imitators But No Equals.”

Maud Nelson November 17, 1881 February 15, 1944
Maud was a professional baseball pitcher, baseball talent scout for females and males of the game and a successful team owner. She began pitching for the Boston Bloomer girls at age 16 years and started nearly every game. She went on to play professionally as a pitcher and a third baseman in later innings. Maud played for the all-male team Cherokee Indian Base Ball Club in 1908, where she met her first husband, John Olson, Jr. Together they became the owner-managers of the Western Bloomer Girls in 1911. After his death she continued playing ball and managed a baseball team for the Chicago Athletic Club. In later years she remarried and with her new husband started the All Star Ranger Girls team. She was a renegade and ground-breaker on and off the field.