“I didn't lie to them. I just didn't tell them what I was doing, that's all.”

Ruth Kuczynski Hamburger Beurton 1907-2000
Ruth was a capable and cunning Soviet spy. Under her codename, “Sonya” she worked covertly around the world and operated at the highest levels of international espionage and intrigue. Her first husband was a soviet agent, but it was her lover, also a soviet agent, that convinced her to become a spy. She trained in Moscow then worked in Asia. She was ordered by the Soviets to divorce her first husband to married her second in order to obtain a British passport. However, even after being reported as a spy by her children’s nanny in England, she managed to maintain her cover. She eventually worked for American international intelligence. Although she is considered “The Most Successful Female Spy in History,” she appropriately denied her life as a spy until her death. Her memoir is written under the alias, Ruth Werner.