“We always have to ask ourselves whether the level of risk is worth the story. What is bravery, and what is bravado?”

Marie Colvin 1956-2012
Marie was dubbed, “The bravest of the brave,” and “The uncrowned queen of intrepid journalists.” The American born reporter worked for London’s newspaper, The Sunday Times, from 1985 until her death. She specialized in the Middle East and became the Foreign Affairs correspondent. Marie wore a trademark eye patch over her left eye due to an injury from a grenade in Sri Lanka. During her work as a journalist she has been credited with saving the lives of over 1500 women and children. She was the recipient of numerous awards, including an award for Courage in Journalism and won the British Foreign War Correspondent of the Year twice. She said her job as a journalist was, “To bear witness.” She died in Syria from a shelling attack. At her funeral it was said, "Marie never thought of gender when it came to the way she reported and the way she travelled.”