“I always did a lot of crazy things, you know… I did things other people didnšt do and just did it if I wanted to do it. I just simply figured I could do it, and usually managed somehow.”

Georgie White Clark (1911-1992)
Georgie was a pilot, raconteur, eccentric and legendary whitewater adventurer. She is the first woman to swim the Grand Canyon, run a boat through the Canyon, and the first woman outfitter in the Canyon. She began rafting after a drunk driver killed her only child on a bicycle ride they were making together. Over her 47-year river running career she introduced many innovations, such as, lashing army -surplus rafts together for stability. Known for her bold personality, leopard-print outfits and over-the-top daring she was featured in Life Magazine and on the Tonight Show. She made her last trip in the Grand Canyon at age 81 years. Twenty-four Mile Rapid is named Georgie Rapid in her honor.