“Itís difficult to describe the elation and the boost in morale that little white-faced mare gave Marines as she outfoxed the enemy bringing vitally needed ammunition up the mountain.”

Sgt. Reckless 1968
Reckless joined the Marines in 1952, to help fight the Korean War. She is considered to be one of the greatest American Heroines of all time. She carried ammunition to the front lines for the 75mm Recoilless Rifle Platoon of the 5th Marines. On one day alone she made 51 trips from the Ammunition Supply Point to the frontlines almost always by herself.† She carried five tons of ammunition, and walked over 35 miles through open rice paddies with heavy enemy fire. She also bravely carried wounded soldiers to safety.† She was wounded twice, but never stopped fighting. She was awarded two Purple Hearts, among other military honors. For more on Reckless: Sgtreckless.com.