Angels in the Wilderness

The True Story of One woman’s Survival Against the Odds.

By Amy Racina

“I know my father would have expected me to live… undaunted by misfortune, reliant upon… gritty determination.  I draw upon the strength of my predecessors.  They were undeniably unconventional.  And they were adventurous.”

Angels in the Wilderness is a fascinating, compelling and inspiring memoir.  Amy Racina tells the story of her solo hike in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California.  She wanders through a desolate valley and inadvertently losses the trail.  When Amy doesn’t see another hiker for two days she begins to become slightly unnerved and weary. 

But it is when Amy then shatters both of her legs in a devastating fall of over sixty feet onto a granite boulder that life truly seizes her by the jugular.  She painfully and precariously clings to life by the thread of a trekker’s shoelace and begins a disembodied and desperate journey to survive against the odds.

This is a story of a woman’s determination and courage to survive.  It is an epic of unflinching resolve tainted with chilling bouts of self-doubt.  Her honesty is searing to the point of tears and her spirit for living will make you want to live your life with a better and bigger enthusiasm.  After dragging herself for four days by her hands, and through incredible pain and extreme exhaustion, Amy’s cries are heard by three other hikers, “Angels” and she is eventually air lifted out of the remote canyon.   But then another story begins.

Amy’s recuperation is long and difficult, and although this story albeit not as dramatic as the fall it is just as engrossing and moving.  It took Amy another long painful journey to recover from her massive injuries, and again it is through her bravery, faith and spirituality that she is able recover and return to the mountains two years later.

Amy is a grand storyteller.  She places you at the epicenter of her struggles, and you wither with nauseating uncertainty and then rejoice at the miraculous alongside her.  You ride the roller-coaster of emotions with her from start to finish.  This is a page turner and a classic adventure story in the vein of Touching the Void or the Endurance.  This is a tale about overcoming adversity against the odds, about places your fate in the hands of unrealized hope, and finding spirituality in the plunging abyss of despair.  It is a well-written memoir and an enjoyable read that might inspire you to approach life with more abandon and adventure.