A Whole New Ball Game:
The Story of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League

By Sue Macy

This informative book is the true story behind the film, A League of Their Own (see, Flicks for Adventure Chicks). A Whole New Ball Game chronicles the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League from 1943 to 1954. It discusses and captures not only the camaraderie and bonding on the field but the difficulties off of the field, such as dealing with the sexual harassment of fans and reporters. In fact, many of the players were hesitant to discuss their baseball experiences until after the women’s movement and the resurgence of female empowerment and pride.

The book compiles eleven years of research and nearly 60 archival photographs. A Whole New Ball Game also features original baseball cards, loads of statistics, standings and interesting letters. It portrays the women players as strong and heroic athletes in a time when America was at war and was yearning for exciting and legitimate sports entertainment. This is an era when men were fighting overseas and women were taking over men’s jobs in factories, as well as, on the playing fields.

It is also an educational and historic account of one of the first all women’s professional sports teams and the experience of traveling together and breaking untrodden ground. The book proves that a woman’s place is at home – only if it’s standing behind, batting above or running over home plate. A winner of many awards, this is a must read for every female athlete, sports aficionado and baseball fan.