Travelerís Tales: A Womanís World Edited by Marybeth Bond

Traveler’s Tales is a must-read book for any adventurer. The book contains over 50 inspiring and entertaining short stories (a few excerpts from books). The tales, some frightening and others sentimental reveal how women weave their way through this complex and complicated world on their own as travelers.

The collection originally came out in the 1990’s but is still fresh and relevant today. The winner of the Lowell Thomas Gold Medal Award for Best Travel Book, it takes readers to places as exotic as Inner Mongolia, Bhutan, Antarctica, Botswana and Cameroon to places as familiar as Tennessee, California, Arizona and Wyoming. The one thing the stories have in common is a fearless spirit for adventure and an insatiable desire for living. This is an ideal book to keep in your purse, in the bathroom, or any place you can grab it for an immediate injection of inspiration and courage.

Each autobiographical story is written in an individual voice and style and as a consequence each one is refreshingly original and uniquely insightful. One of the nicest things about this book is that you can put it down and pick it up at your leisure. Plus, it is a real source of information and possibilities for those always on the look-out for new places to venture and explore.

Recently, Bond came out with a new book, A Woman’s World Again, True Stories of World Travel. But like so many things in life, the original is the best and we advise you read it first. If you love it (and we think you will) than consider investing in the sequel.

For the Armchair Adventurer, this is a book that will transport you all over the world. Take you places that you only dreamed of and put you in situations that you have perhaps already feared; making it a wonderful read for intrepid adventure and overly-enthusiastic traveler (if there is such a thing).

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