Be The Lead Dog

7 Life-changing Lessons Taught By Sled Dogs

By Liz Parrish and Barbara Schaefer

Be The Lead Dog – 7 Life-Changing Lessons Taught By Sled Dogs, takes the unique communication between dogs and humans and cleverly translates it to basic life skills for everyday success.  Whether you want to excel as a business leader, a parent or a person this practical, no-nonsense guide will challenge and persuade you to be better than you are today by implementing seven straight-forward character traits.

“Dog people, “Get it,”” the book states in the preface.  Not only will dog people “get it” but they will love the interesting and heartfelt stories of sled dogs that illustrate the seven fundamental lessons of achievement: focus, patience, trust, transparency, drive, self-assurance and perseverance.  Even if you’re not ‘dog crazy’ you will benefit from the book; these lessons are universal in application and are undeniably motivating in practice.

Why does the book work?  Be The Lead Dog works because it combines the power of authentic experience, and genuine passion to achieve concrete real-life results. The two women who wrote, Be the Lead Dog, are as inspiring as the book itself.  Barbara Schaefer is a speaker, leadership coach, international teen development mentor and has had a kennel of Siberian Huskies for over twenty years.  Liz Parrish is a cancer survivor who had a goal of completing the grueling Iditarod.  Starting with no experience Liz committed 10 years of her life to the realization of her dream for her 50th birthday celebration.

Why I like the book?  I like the book because it is easy to understand and more importantly, easy to apply to daily life.  There are practical “Action Tips” at the end of every lesson and a page for “Personal Notes” to customize the lessons to your individual situation.  Barb, Liz and the sled dogs are special teachers with an inspiring lesson plan.  The implementation of the 7 lessons will help you to achieve a more meaningful, purposeful and larger life.  And isn’t that what every Adventure Woman ultimately wants? 

Listen to Liz and Barb talk about their book on the May 16, 2010, segment of  Adventure Woman Radio.  You can purchase the book at: