Our Team Ė Our Dream

A Cubs Fanís Journey into Baseballís Greatest Romance

Written and Photographed by Tammy Lechner

Our Team-Our Dream is a delicious slice of Americana. Tammy Lechner’s book isn’t just about baseball, but the insatiable American spirit that devours and celebrates the game. Nowhere is the love of the baseball (and the home team) more contagious and celebratory than in heart of the Midwest: Chicago, Illinois. This is the home of Wrigleyville and the country’s most loved underdog the Chicago, Cubs.

Lechner does a brilliant job of researching not only the Cub’s players and history, but moreover, the people who love and support the team. These colorful, ever-hopeful, die-hard Cubs fans are photographed in full Cubby regalia cheering for the home boys. The reader soon realizes that the devotion to the Cubs is more than a simple appreciation for the local team but a wide-spread infectious phenomenon that knows no gender, race or age profile. It is this inexplicable and extraordinary Cubs fever that Lechner captures so beautifully in this engrossing and entertaining documentary of the Cubs.

Lechner takes the reader on a fascinating journey chronicling fifteen seasons with the Cubs and their ever-faithful crowds. Over 300 riveting photographs depict the passionate and animated fans that follow the Cubs from spring training camp in Arizona to the venerable Wrigley Field. The last time the Cubs won a World Series was in 1908, but this electrified fan-based is powered by hope and not necessarily former glories. It is almost conceivable that if the Cubs did win a World Series Title that the country’s most glorified underdog of baseball might suddenly lose its attraction.

Regardless, Lechner has put together a masterful book about the Chicago Cubs, baseball and America’s blind faith and hope in a chronically losing team. Our Team-Our Dream is an absorbing and inspirational book for any sports enthusiast, and the sheer attractiveness of the photography makes for a stunning coffee table book. You don’t have to love the Cubs or even baseball to love this book. At its core, the book is about the America’s faith in things yet to come and spirited hope in the American Dream – and that’s a classic story we all adore and can all rally behind. Buy it.

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For more information please visit www.stillpro.com the web site of STILL Productions, Inc., a media company which Lechner co-owns and co-directs with business partner and photojournalist Adrienne Helitzer. (Autographed copies, or bulk quantities, of Our Team-Our Dream are available at a discount by contacting the author: stillpro@stillpro.com