Beyond the Limits

A Woman's Triumph on Everest
By Stacy Allison (with Peter Carlin)

This book is a page turner. Stacy Allison tells the extraordinary tale of how she transforms her life from being an abused woman to being the first American woman to stand on top of Mt. Everest. Allison spares no details in telling on how she walked out of a bad relationship and began pursuing her dream to climb the world's highest mountain. Allison chronicles an unlikely journey that tests her physical limits and personal resolve. She discusses her personal demons and doubts as well as her difficult and demanding training schedule.

Allison tells a great personal story and gives the reader a wonderful sense of what it's really like to try to climb Mt. Everest (and actually succeed). She discusses the preparation for the climb and the real environment of Everest; from the Sherpa's and the local customs to the weighty gear and the inner disputes among climbers. She talks about the many personal challenges she faces climbing up the mountain and having to constantly face the prospect of possible death.

Beyond the Limits, is a riveting autobiography of a woman who has the pluck and commitment to reach a seemingly out of reach goal. Allison's story is essentially about courage - the courage to make a change, the courage to make a dream and then the courage to actually make it happen. Whether you love to climb or love a motivating book you can't go wrong with Beyond the Limits, A Woman's Triumph on Everest. Allison confronts and conquers not only the mountain, but herself and her own fears. The book is honest, emotional and inspiring.