Fishing Tips
The Adventure of Fishing Abroad

Fishing in a foreign country can be one of the best fishing experiences, and one of the most cherished vacations, of a lifetime. Often the fishing is world-class with expert guides, and delicious cuisine upon your successful return to the lodge. Often the limited pressure on the fish creates a bounty of trophy-size fish and being in the company of like-minded enthusiasts is reassuring and exciting.

Adventure Woman has a few tips before leave on your dream fishing vacation.

1. Make your expectations clear – you need to let the host lodge know what it is you’re expecting from your vacation. Are you looking for intense fishing or something a little more relaxing?

2. Understand the lodge’s expectations of you – don’t frustrate yourself, your guide and everyone with you because you can’t cast 70 feet. Know what will be expected of you. If you need to take a few lessons before your vacation then sign up ASAP. Inquire as to the level of expertise required: novice, intermediate, advanced.

3. Bring your own equipment – if possible bring your own equipment. Bring a life vest you know you can cast in, and a rod and reel that fits your style. When fishing for large fish a quality reel will be more important than a rod. Check airline regulations on how your equipment should be packed, and ask if there is an extra fee.

4. If you are going to have your trophy fish reproduced follow our guidelines. See our previous article:

5. Purchase medical emergency evacuation insurance. You don’t want to be stranded in a remote area of the world without insurance to have a helicopter evacuate you to a hospital. If possible, buy the insurance. Better safe than sorry.

6. Get a recommendation – ask to talk to other women who have gone fishing at the lodge. They will give you a unique perspective on the experience.

7. Be careful of booking the ‘low season’ for ‘low fares’ – many fish are seasonal and don’t expect to catch the same quality and quantity of fish in the fringe season. What you gain in money you may lose in fish.

8. Get a physical before you leave. Male sure you are in good health and have the required vaccinations (if any).

9. Make sure you carry all of the relevant contact information with you in your carryon baggage. Have a plan if the driver doesn’t meet you at the airport on time – or at all.

10. Take lots of photographs. This will be one of the highlight’s of your life – capture it in photos. Send your best photo to Adventure Woman to get a REEL Adventure Woman tee-shirt.

Thank you! Photos compliments of Felipe Devés of Ruca Chalhuafe Lodge. For more information about their fishing trips visit Ruca Chalhuafe Lodge online: