Fishing Tips

Large Mouth Bass & Top Water Fishing

A Summer Extravaganza! (Who needs fireworks when you have fish?)

July 4th celebrations mean the warmer weather has arrived.  And hot weather temperatures bring some of the most exciting fishing of the year.  When the thermometer rises so does the activity of the fish.  As the fish respond to the warmer weather this is the perfect time to start using plugs (plugs are wooden or plastic lures that float).   Fish are now more willing to take plugs (or flies) off the surface of the water.

Almost anywhere in the good ol’ USA you can find Bass, and Bass are an excellent fish for top water surface fishing.  The time and location are critical in top water fishing.  Try to fish at sunrise and look for structure (lily pads, fallen logs and docks).  Select a plug that will give a lot of commotion in the water; such as a Lucky 13 or a Bassoreno.  It’s important not to have a chop (wave or movement) on the water when you use these lures because the fish will not be able to locate them. 

When you cast let the lure hit the water and give the line a jerk.  The plug will put out a ripple.  Then give another twitch and then wait 2-3 minutes.  Don’t be in a hurry as the fish will be looking the lures over.  Do this maneuver two or three times and if you receive no response, recast to another area and try the process again.  Be aware of harsh sunlight on the water.  The fish will not stay in an area where the sun is directly in their eyes; most of the time you’ll locate fish in shady areas of the water. 

Alternatively, for night fishing try a jitter bug (all black).   Cast this lure out and reel it back in slowly.  Continuously reel the line back in until you hear a splash and then set the line.  This is a great way to catch fish at night.  Underwater plugs can be deadly and can get you a lot of fish, but it will never deliver the thrill of hearing and seeing a Bass take a lure on the water’s surface.  This is one of the glory moments of fishing!

Photos: An American fishing family