Fishing 101
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Fishing is an art: it is not about strength but about technique and style
-- making this the sport of fisherwomen

While fishing among men is down; fishing among women is on the rise. There is an increased interest in all areas of fishing among women. There are two basic categories of fishing: Freshwater Fishing (lakes, streams, rivers) and Saltwater Fishing (ocean fishing).

Women are now successfully competing in all fishing arenas: from competitive Bass fishing tournaments to the highly technical and elite sport of fly-fishing. Women everywhere can cast their line into the water. Even in metropolitan areas fishing is available. Trix has four simple steps to get started as a successful fisherwoman.

Step One: Contact your local Department of Fish and Wildlife. Find out what kind of fish are available in your area and what type of permits you will need to fish in your general locality. Assume nothing: regulations change from year to year and from stream to stream.

Step Two: Go to a sporting goods store for your fishing tackle. Gear the type of tackle you buy to the type of fishing you will be doing (as advised by the Fish and Wildlife Department). Spinning reels are the easiest place to begin due to the lack of line tangles. You can purchase both freshwater and saltwater spinning reels.

Step Three: Check out local fishing teaching organizations and fishing clubs (check for State certification and accreditation). If there are no organizations or clubs in your area consider hiring a private guide. The guide can take you directly to the fish and show you how to fish. Explain upfront that that you are looking for a 'learning experience' and not a fishing trip.

Step Four: Get a good book on fishing knots and study your craft. If you are going to "catch & release" use a lure and not live bait. The fish will swallow the live bait and thus, the mortality (death) rate is much higher in bait caught fish.

Remember: One of the greatest fly casters of all time is a woman (Joan Wulff) who cast 161 feet with a 5 weight fly rod. This accomplishment has not been repeated by anyone (woman or man). Fishing is an art: it is not about strength but about technique and style -making this the sport of fisherwomen.

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Photo: Kelsey Deaton fishing on the Florida Coast