Couples’ Fishing


Linda Wick

It can be romantic.  A couple can spend time together going over maps, fishing reports, and baits.” 

Couples’ Fishing is male/female teams competing in a Bass Tournament. Couples’ Fishing is an ever growing sport.  Major manufactures are noticing and it is showing up in their marketing and even some product designs. Couples’ fishing has been around since the 80's that I know of.

The tournaments are very competitive for some, and to just a day spent together on the water for others. The tournament is scored by heaviest weights.  A couple goes out in search of the heaviest 5 bass limit they can catch.  In our circuit, first place gets scored 100 points, second gets 99 points, and third gets 98 points and so forth.  Prizes are given by total weights, as well as, for Men's and Ladies big bass of the day.

Rules on entry are one male and one female: Husband/wife, father/daughter, mother/son, brother/sister, etc. We fish for Bass.  That includes Largemouth bass, Small Mouth Bass, Spotted Bass and Kentucky Bass. It may take a little while for a couple to learn how to compete as a team, or find their comfort zone with the right mixture of competition and having fun, but the joy and fulfillment is well worth the effort.

Yes, it is a great way to bond.  Many couples do get matching shirts, jackets and such, which show their affiliation to a particular couple fishing organization.  They wear their gear to proudly show their affiliation.  They don't just go out and spend a day on the lake fishing; they go out to compete in a bass tournament.

It can be romantic.  A couple can spend time together going over maps, fishing reports, and baits.  Then they can spend time putting their plans together to have a great day on the lake.  We have been fishing together for over 13 years and have always had the best time.  Cold rainy and even in the heat of Texas summers, we love the time spent together. 

***We also tell all of our couples at every tournament don't forget to take time to take a kid fishing...***