How to Catch a Rainbow Trout

This is the time of year that many states are planting trout strictly for consumption. There is generally a plentiful amount of trout available so it is an ideal time to get kids or adults started in the sport of fishing. Catching a trout can be as simple or complicated as you want to make it. Most of the trout planted are the colorful Rainbow Trout. This is because Rainbow Trout are easy to raise by the Conservation Department and are highly adaptable to a variety of waters.

When bait fishing for Rainbow Trout consider using weed worms on a bobber. If this does not work successfully, try fishing near the water bottom with a worm and a small marshmallow. The marshmallow will keep the worm off of the very bottom.

Another way to catch a Rainbow Trout is with Power Bait and a sliding sinker ring. Try several different colors, but chartreuse, rainbow and pink are generally a great bet. For a more complicated approach try a small spinner with different color hair on the hook (try using orange or black colors).

For the anglers this is a wonderful time of the year to try sinking flies. Wooly worm flies in black, green and brown works especially well. Use size 10 and finish with a foot header. Using 4 lb. tippets is ideal.

Rainbow Trout is the easiest fish of the trout family to catch. They are excellent to eat and have a mild and delicious pink meat (similar to salmon). However, Rainbow Trout are a very fragile fish and it is not a good idea to catch and release with this particular breed. You are better off to catch your limit and go home. Have fun and be safe.

Contributed by Gene Walz, Instructor and Master Angler