Tressa McCune

Adventurer and Fisherwoman

One more cast.”

  1. How did you become a fisherwoman? When did you start?

My dad taught me to fish at a very young age. It quickly became a favorite hobby of mine. I also seemed to have inherited his skills and mostly his great fishing luck.

  1. What is your favorite part of fishing?

I’d say it’s the thrill of knowing that at any second your luck can change.

  1. How often do you fish and what do you typically fish for?

As often as I can. Locally I do a lot of river fishing for catfish, bass, walleye, and whatever else is biting. I also often make trips up to Lake Erie for Steelhead or out to the coast for ocean fishing!

  1. Everyone has a great fishing tale and you have one about catching a shark! Tell us the story about catching the shark.

Catching a shark has been on my bucket list for years. With an annual trip to the beach with family my time was somewhat limited. But when we had any opportunity, my husband and I would give it our all. In March of 2012 we both managed a couple small Bonnethead sharks from the pier in Fort Myers Beach, FL. This was very exciting but they were small and we knew we wanted bigger and better.

That same year in October we planned another trip to the Outer Banks, NC. We fished our hearts out! We had a number of sharks on but weren’t able to get them all the way in on our limited equipment. A few trips to bait stores and many dollars later, we were feeling pretty confident. Stocked up on some delicious fish heads, we headed out for the evening with our hopes high. Upon arrival at the beach we found a wedding ceremony in progress. We set up a respectful 50 yards away and began chumming the water.

Immediately we had sharks on but once again they were biting through our steal leaders or cutting the lines with their powerful tails. The sun went down but we continued on. The wind picked up but we bundled ourselves and kept at it. Finally around 10pm we hooked into one that felt manageable. After about 15 minutes of fighting my wrists were on fire and as a leap of tremendous faith…. I handed the rod off to my husband. He managed to not screw anything up for another 10 minutes or so. I was ready to take back over. I got the shark in close enough that we could see what we were dealing with. But on 20lb test we knew we’d have to pull him onto shore by hand. This was obviously a job for my husband who bravely took on the challenge. After a few high pitched screams and some arm flailing he got down to business and grabbed the shark by the tail.

We had landed a 5’ Sand Tiger Shark! I’m not sure I’ve ever been so excited in my life! We were screaming and jumping up and down! Meanwhile the beach was dark and completely deserted. It was only us to enjoy the amazing experience. We were able to grab a few pictures and then release her back into the sea. I will never forget the shark I lovingly named Sandy.

  1. What is next on your MUST List (our Bucket List) of fishing adventures?

This year we are heading down to the Florida Keys in an attempt to land another shark. We are hoping for a new species like bull, lemon, or black tip. Occasionally when I’m feeling particularly bold I consider the idea of reeling in a tiger shark. We’ll see!

  1. What is the best fishing advice you've ever received?

Well the most important thing I’ve learned about fishing is something I learned from watching other people do it wrong. Particularly my husband… It is very important to STAY CALM. Don’t rush things and let the fish tire out.

  1. What is your fishing motto?

“One more cast.” I have a lot of trouble leaving a fishing spot. You never know when you’ll get the perfect cast, retrieve, or drift that tempts a fish beyond its ability to resist.

  1. If you have a favorite fish recipe we'd love it if you'd share.

I’m convinced that there is no better meal than a fresh caught trout cooked in foil with butter on a camping fire.