Give the Gift of Fishing Equipment
The Perfect Holiday Present

            Fishing gear is a wonderful gift to give, and an equally exciting gift to receive.  This is the perfect gift-giving season to select fishing equipment for your friends and family, as well as yourself.  When you’re ‘making your list and checking it twice’ be sure to include the vast array of fishing equipment and accessories available in stores and online.  The prices range from two dollars to thousands of dollars; making fishing gear an excellent choice for small stocking-stuffers or mind-blowing extravagances.  Below Trix gives a few holiday suggestions.

The Beginner:  For the novice or a child learning to fish the best buy is a push-button spinning reel combo.  The combo is best because the drag will be smoother.  Avoid the lowest price combo and upgrade if possible to a mid-range product.  Other gift ideas include; fishing glasses, a fishing hat, fishing bobbers, and a reliable life jacket.

The Intermediate:  Consider an open-faced reel with a six foot rod that will handle an 8-12 lb test line.  A graphite rod is a solid choice for a fisherwoman and for something especially durable consider the Ugly Stick by Shakespeare.  Throw in a few plugs and spoons for variety.  A serious tackle box will definitely bring a festive smile.

The Advanced:  For the advanced fisherwoman invest in a reel with ball bearings.  These are smoother and cast farther.  Depending on the make and model a reel with ball bearings can cost in the range of $50 - $500.  The advanced fisherwoman will also delight in the upper-end graphite rods with more eyes (allowing better line flow).

The Collector:  The collector or retired fisherwoman may love antique or vintage fishing equipment.  Look for wooden plugs, bamboo rods or brass reels.  Creel baskets are especially collectible and can be found dating from the1800s to modern day.  A bargain creel basket can be acquired for approximately $50 with the upper-end baskets selling into the thousands of dollars.

Fishing equipment and accessories make a fantastic gift for the fishing enthusiast, and it is a gift that ‘keeps on giving.’  You may be lucky enough to be eating fresh fish all year long.  And that is a holiday investment worth making.