Ruby Rideout

Photographer, Entrepreneur & Adventuress

Ruby is an accomplished and talented photographer with a gifted ability to see and capture beauty.  She owns and operates a successful photography business (Ruby Rideout Photography; specializing in South Asian and American weddings.  Her sense of curiosity and adventure have taken her around the world; producing thousands of breathtaking images.  Adventure Woman is proud to feature a sample of Ruby’s Images of India and Kashmir on our Travel Photography section.  Meet Ruby –

  1.  What is your idea of adventure?  To me, it means doing something out of the ordinary… the beaten path, something that makes my heart pound faster and that leaves a permanent smile on my face along with a memory stamp in my heart.

  2. What do you look for when you take a photograph? A moment.   I want the image to be powerful and moving….whether it be at a wedding I’m shooting or in a village of a 3rd world country.

  3. At what age did you first pick-up a camera?  I got a Kodak camera for Christmas in 3rd grade.   Been hooked since I was 8.  

  4. Is it stressful being a wedding photographer and dealing with nervous brides?  In all honesty,  no.    All eyes are on the bride,  not the photographer.  I’m confident in my work and I’ve been blessed to have the most amazing sweetest brides to date.

  5. Is there much difference between a South Asian and an American wedding?  Yes there’s a huge difference but I enjoy doing them both for different reasons.   Indian weddings are more colorful, elaborate and traditional than American weddings and require longer hours of work on my end.   I like having a mixture of both.

  6. What can a bride and groom do to make a wedding photographer’s job easier? Be in love and really just enjoy your day.    How you feel on your wedding day will be captured forever in your images….If you’re stressed,  you’ll look stressed out.   If you’re lost in each other’s eyes,  you’ll look madly in love forever.     So LOVE!

  7. As a destination and travel photographer do you enjoy being on the road?  Yes, yes, yes!  I never mind traveling and if it meant living out of a suitcase for a few years,  I’d do it in a heartbeat.

  8. How many cameras do you take when you travel?  Two.    My professional equipment and a small point& shoot.

  9. Can you offer any advice to the average tourist with a camera?  Yes.  Go off the beaten path and sit down and observe the locals.  Take the camera strap off your neck and take images of ‘moments.’     Bend down, angle the camera, and look for the right lighting.    There’s only so many pictures you can take of straight-on buildings that become redundant.  Images that portray feelings and shot from a different perspective are so much more interesting. 

  10.  What are your favorite cities and why? I have many favorite cities starting off with the city I now live in…San Diego.   I’m a free spirit by nature so I love a place that makes my heart sing and my spirit relax.   When I’m traveling, I prefer quaint over bustling cities and I prefer local spots to tourist spots.  Areas of Kashmir,  Tuscany and Provence are in my top favorite and the moments I’ve experienced there will forever leave a footprint in my soul.  Immersing yourself in another culture is gratifying on so many different levels and not to mention make for better stories and memories later. 

  11.   You often travel alone.  Have you ever had a brush with danger?  I’ve felt threatened before, yes…but not to the point of it being life threatening.   I really try to use common sense and logic to avoid problems.   I don’t leave at night alone and I’m very cautious of my surroundings and belongings.   I trust my instincts so if someone or something doesn’t feel right,  I remain friendly and avoid confrontation if need be,   but at the soonest availability to run,  I run…fast.   ;)

  12.   Where are you and your camera going next?  I’m planning a one year adventure to a few third world countries in the very near future.     My mission is to bring awareness of certain issues by writing about it and documenting it thru photojournalism.

  13. Who is your favorite female photographer?   Annette Biggers of Triplecord Photography.    I’m lucky to know this inspirational and talented friend on a personal level and find that she’s in a class her own.   Her images portray art, high class and fairytale and stand out as unique to me.   She has a big heart for orphans in Africa and has created a project this year to help build a home for 50 children in Kenya. 

  14. What is the best advice your Mother ever gave you?  My mother’s famous words are “be careful and don’t make me worry so call me.”   Pretty much sums it up.

  15.   What do you always pack in your suitcase?  IF nothing else, all my camera equipment comes with me everywhere,  clean undies, and carmex.     I can pretty much do without everything else.

  16.   What is your motto?   I love Mae West’s quote!  “You live only once but if you do it right, once is enough.”