Name: Maggie Zeltner-Hagen

Maggie Zeltner-Hagen
Emmy-Nominated Television Producer & New Bride

1.  What’s your idea of an adventure?  An adventure is something you never thought you could do and then you do it.  An adventure has a surprise around every corner.  An adventure is never truly treasured until you can look back and reflect upon the accomplishment and enjoyment. 

2.   What type of television shows do you produce?  Reality Television….and I love it!

3.   Why is America fascinated with reality TV?  Because it makes fame accessible to the every day person.  No matter what anyone says, everyone wants their 15 minutes.

4.   Reality TV is entertaining and outrageous.  Should we believe what we see?  A lot of shows I work on are real.  Seeing someone expose raw, human emotion right before your eyes is fascinating.  On the other end of the spectrum, there are other reality shows out there that definitely utilize editing as the most creative part of the process.

5.   Is planning a wedding as adventurous as producing a television show?  It’s funny – wedding planning didn’t stress me out too much because it’s so much like what I do everyday.  In fact, there were times that I didn’t enjoy it because it was too much like work!

6.   Did you get any advice from the staff of Split Ends on your wedding hair?  (**I actually don’t work on Split Ends anymore – I left the show when I moved back to NYC, though I miss it dearly!  I am currently working on TLC’s What Not To Wear…and they didn’t give me wedding hair advice, but one of the makeup artists from the show did my wedding makeup!**)

7.   Did you hire a wedding planner?   No way!  Waste of money – I am a producer for crying out loud!

8.   What is your favorite US city and why?  NYC for so many reasons….it’s where my family is  and so much of my family heritage lives in the walls, the sidewalks, etc.  Plus, it’s got the most the amazing energy and it gets my creative juices flowing! 

9.    Do you have many stamps in your passport?  Yes!  I feel so blessed to have traveled so much for work…some fave places include Samoa, South Africa and of course Italy!

10.   What experiences as a girl influenced you to be a strong woman?  I have always grown up with strong female role models in my life.  My Great-Grandmother was a business owner when it was unheard of for a woman to do so. My Grandmother was instrumental in spearheading a Planned Parenthood in her neighborhood.  And My Mom is the most beautiful and caring woman I know – she taught me how to care for others, but always reminded me to love myself whole-heartedly. 

11.   Name your favorite childhood book.  Why?  Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret by Judy Blume.  It was like reading exactly what I was thinking at 13, but too afraid to express.  I think every young girl should read it – it is a book that transcends time.  Judy Blume is one of my idols!

12.  Who is your favorite female ‘classic’ television character?  Why?  Ohhh that’s a toss up!  I have 2:  -Lucille Ball – she paved the way for female comediennes as well as female producers.  She owned her own studio!    And Roseanne : She showed the candid side of a  family’s ups and downs and never lost her sense of humor. 

13.  What is the best advice your mother ever gave you?  That no matter what challenges we face in life, we will get through them – we are strong women!   Also – don’t be jealous of other people…the grass may not always be greener on the other side….be happy with what you have in life.

14.   What do you always pack in your suitcase?  I am a terrible packer!  I always pack way too much because I like to have options.   But I never go on a trip without carrying my Great-Grandmother’s rosary box. It may be superstition, but I always know I am going to be safe when I carry it.  Oh and I always bring extra bras!  For some reason, I have a fear that my bras are going to snap and I will be left braless (God forbid!).
15.    Describe your dream adventure?  Ohh I have a few….1) Going on a true African Safari and seeing the animals up close.  2)  Going to Baja during mating season and swimming with the dolphins.  I’d be fascinated to see all of the species of mammals co-existing at once.  3)  Researching my ancestry and then walking on the paths that my ancestors once walked…

16.  What is your motto? Live well, laugh often, love much.