An Action-Thriller (2010 Film). Rated PG

Evelyn Salt (played by Angelia Jolie) is a fearless, clever, and beautiful spy who entertains and enthralls as she ‘bobs and weaves’ in the world of international espionage. She is as capable and sexy as any James Bond character and its exciting (and empowering) to see a woman with kick-ass moves and high octane drive.

Salt is ostensibly a Russian sleeper spy living in the United States, and happily married to her loving German arachnologist husband. Even though she is equally in love (and apparently thriving in domesticity), that doesn’t preclude her from being a tough cookie and capable of surviving North Korean integrations and beatings with resilience and gut-wrenching determination. One of the pleasures of this film is that Salt is an attractive woman, and a wife with a soft heart, but also a hardcore, well-trained spy who can out-think, out-run and generally out-maneuver both the Russian and American intelligence agencies.

She is forced to go on the lamb when her cover is blown by a Russian defector and her identity and her loyalties come into question by both agencies leaving Salt stuck uncomfortably in the middle. With the possible assignation of the visiting Russian president as the backdrop to this fast-paced thriller it’s difficult to predict whose team Salt is acting playing for, and who will capture her first.

The film is fun fare, even though it’s ‘over-the-top’ and teeters on ‘make-believe.’ But if you’re going to indulge yourself in the make-believe tale (as most women are bottle-fed since girls) let’s celebrate the powerful, cerebral woman who can take on the world (as well as take care of herself). Salt maybe the first generation of female action-heroes. She is saving instead of being saved and doing instead of being done (if you get my point).

Not only will this movie keep your attention it may also inspire you to get into shape. After all, who doesn’t want to be able to throw a knockout punch, execute a lethal side kick or jump on a moving vehicle with a single bound and still manage to look totally glam at every muscle flex? Salt may not change your life, but it may change your attitude and motivate you to be the kick-ass force in your own life. And for no other reason, this makes Salt worth checking out.