How far would you being will to go to help your brother? One can’t help considering this question philosophically and perhaps literally, when watching the suspense-packed film, Conviction. This an amazing true story of Betty Anne Walters (Hillary Swank) and her never-ending quest to free her wrongly imprisoned brother Kenny (Sam Rockwell).

When Kenny is tried and convicted of brutally killing a woman in town, Betty Anne is a wife and mother of two small boys with no formal education. When Kenny’s legal appeal fails and they can’t find the money for the additional justice (lawyers) they seek, and desperately need; Walters decides to become a lawyer herself. This is a huge “mountain to move” and overwhelming uphill battle given the fact that she doesn’t even have a GED.

However, energized by the love for her brother, Walters miraculously manages to get her GED, an undergraduate degree, a law degree and then passes the bar exam. She loses her unsupportive husband (actually a gain) and her two boys (who decide to live their Dad instead of their driven mother). The boys even suggest she has, “given up her entire life” to help free her brother. With the aid of the Innocence Project, and attorney, Barry Scheck, Walters manages to ultimately achieve the unachievable.

The film manages to emotionally support Walter’s freight-train of purpose and passion for her brother by showing flashbacks of their impoverished and difficult childhood together; alone in the world, and dismissively tossed in an out of foster care and their dysfunctional home, they form an unbreakable bond of love and loyalty. This early bond is what that makes the story poignant, and powerful and ultimately, possible. Swank and Rockwell give riveting performances and provide vibrant portrayals of the flawed, yet simultaneously heroic, characters.

Perhaps, the moral of the story is, “anything is possible” with love and perseverance. It is a tale worth telling because Betty Anne Walters creates courageous life worth living. This is a must-see movie for every Adventure Woman with the determination and desire to achieve a heart-felt dream.