Air Travel Where does an Adventure Woman drop her ride? Well, don't fear… is here. This site gives you maps, distances from terminals, and user reviews. With over 500 airport parking lots available, this web site is worth a hit. Online reservations available at a limited amount of parking venues. If you're a gambling Adventure Woman you'll love this web site. Check out the past history of airline delays and cancellations to know the likelihood of an on-time take-off. Worth a glance, for sure!
If you're watching fares this will give you a prediction if you should buy now or later.
Feeling a bit anal about your travel plans? Well, you're not alone. Check out this web site to discover the odds of your airline carrier losing your bags or maybe you'd rather not fly in a vintage plane… this site tells you your aircrafts age.
If you're wondering what's the best seat in the house (actually in the plane) - check it
The Transportation Security Administration. Information from Uncle Sam on travel. How low will they go? Check out their prices on hundreds of destinations. Two prices are offered: Base price and total cost (base price plus fees). Know before you go low and make sure you understand the total cost before you book! Be a smart Adventure Woman.
Another great way to track airfare prices. This one will even alert you via email if there is a drop in pricing. You may even get a refund.