Beth is a firm believer in the power and spirit of ‘adventure’ as a means to personal and professional greatness. She has been speaking for years; in boardrooms, classrooms, courtrooms and a wide-variety of other ‘rooms.’ Drawing on the courageous and extraordinary accomplishments of female adventurers and explorers, Beth delivers a witty and compelling message that has a powerful impact on audiences.

Her own adventurous spirit has taken Beth to every continent in the world and to over 80 countries. Her formal credentials include five degrees; including a JD degree, and advanced law degree in Women and International law that she received in London. Beth has spoken and written on a variety of riveting and important gender issues; including the depiction and characterization of girls in society, teen pregnancy and domestic violence.

Beth rejects the ‘fairytale’ of being rescued by an imaginary ‘prince’ on a white horse, and encourages every woman to be the ‘hero’ of her own adventure story. Her speeches are entertaining, educational and inspirational. She uses her own experiences, struggles, failures and achievements combined with those of courageous women adventurers and extraordinary female ground-breakers to tell a captivating and often outrageous tale.

Beth reveals a valuable map to creating your own personal path, surviving and thriving against the odds, overcoming difficult obstacles, finding the determination to stay the course, understanding the wisdom of readjusting your directions, and eventually discovering the golden treasure of ‘uncommon success in common hours.’

Beth is Founder of Adventure Woman. She has appeared in many publications; including, Newsday and USA Today, and has been a voice on radio.
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Personal achievement in today’s society:

Why women adventurers & groundbreakers are so important, yet so forgotten?

Turning life’s challenges into adventures: How to be your own ‘sherpa’ of support and mastering an attitude and spirit of adventure.

Conquer your dreams, goals, and life’s ambition: Use the seven exciting techniques of female adventurers, explorers, and renegades to achieve a great life.

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