"Let’s leave everything! Let’s go on a seven month trip to Africa together."

Cristina Garcia

I have never been a city woman and as a zoologist I crave for the outdoors. I need to see trees, I need to hear the wildlife and I need to smell the flowers. Take me out of there and I am a like a fish out of the water. I suffocate.

So when two years ago I found myself living in a big city like Dublin, still sharing a flat with my ex boyfriend and doing a job I did not want to do any longer I knew something had to change. I needed some excitement back in my life.

I desperately needed a way out. But I was unable to find the door.

Then one day while browsing a local Irish newspaper I came across a photograph of a leopard killing a crocodile. It was a very powerful image and I had never seen anything like it. Something made me contact the photographer and we started exchanging emails until a few months down the line a mad idea came up.

“Let’s leave everything! Let’s go on a seven month trip to Africa together.”

Hhmmm…yes we did.

We had never met; we had never talked on the phone. But we decided to go on this trip together. I quit my job; I left my home and everything that my life was to go to Africa with a strange man.

I had agreed to spend seven months visiting four countries with a total stranger in the land of the unforgettable sunsets and deadly jaws. A trip that would take us from monitoring cheetahs on a private game reserve in South Africa to being spied on by leopards in Namibia and being violently woken up by elephants crushing down trees in Botswana.

This is all I was looking for.

But I also agreed to write about it, while we were on the road. A book about the trip, about travelling with a stranger. But this is not ordinary travel writing. It has two parts; two sides of the same story. The same events told by a man and a woman. And all of this with a twist, we never read each others writing.

Our book became an eBook (saves trees) and it is available through our website.

Welcome to The Great Heartbreak Experiment!
P.S. We are giving 50c of each e-book sale goes to the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia.