"I am just a little gaffer but I have big goals"

Sara Brandenburg

I am a fifteen year old and I am addicted to hunting. I have been hunting ever since I was two years old. My parents brought me up right. Instead of being cooped up inside with my nose in the television and feeding my face with potato chips, I was outside, enjoying God's beautiful country.

When I was eleven, I took my first animal, an antelope. Ever since I pulled the trigger then, I have been hooked. I love it. Although, I am just a little gaffer I have big goals. As of right now, I am trying to shatter a world record. I am trying to become the youngest girl in the world to get my grand slam. The woman who currently holds the record is thirty one. I am fifteen. So far, I have killed three out of four of my sheep.

My Dad, who accompanies me with my hunts, always encourages me to pursue my dreams. He has pushed me when I didn't think I would be able to walk any further. For that I am very grateful. I also thank God, who has truly blessed me in everything that I do.

(Sara received the prestigious title of “Youth Hunter of the Year” in Berthoud, Colorado – Big Congrats Sara!)