Jonna Silvey

Adventuress, Outdoorswoman, Mother, and Cross Fit Expert


  1. It’s January, and time for all the New Year’s Resolutions to get fit in 2012. What is your best fitness advice for women wanting to get in shape this year?

My advice for women would be to stop worrying about how you look and instead focus on how good you can feel. Being healthy year round should be the goal. Find activities you love to do, hiking, dancing, running, walking your dog and do it EVERY day. Our bodies are meant to move. When we become sedentary, disease and DISease follows.

  1. How often (and how long) do you work out each week?

I do something active pretty much every day. I do crossfit 4 to 5 times a week for an hour, and I coach crossfit two nights a week. I can bring my daughter with me, so that makes working out more convenient. I also do Bikram yoga 2 times a week and I love to dance, so whenever I get the opportunity, I do some West Coast Swing or Salsa. My daughter is 6 and we often bike rides, walk around the neighborhood or play soccer at the park. She keeps me busy!

  1. What is you eating regime? Do you specifically eat certain foods or avoid specific foods?

I follow the Paleo Diet or “Caveman” diet. It’s based on a hunter/gatherer lifestyle our ancestors followed during the Paleolithic era. So I consume vegetables, meat, nuts, seeds, and fruit. I don’t drink alcohol or eat processed food. I don’t worry about portion size and eat as much as I want, whenever I want. I’ve never felt better or been leaner in my life. I’ve been eating this way for 3 and half years now and will eat this way the rest of my life.

  1. How do you achieve a feminine physique with muscular definition?

Ok, the funny thing about this question is I don’t worry about HOW I look…. I concern myself with WHAT MY BODY CAN DO! A huge shift happened for me when I started doing crossfit. I had been an athlete my whole life, but had never been happy with my body. When I started making strength gains and getting better at crossfit, I starting loving and appreciating all the hard work my body allowed me to do. Then my body started transforming and it looks the way it looks. I don’t try for a certain kind of look. I think strong bodies are beautiful, whatever the shape.

  1. How has motherhood changed the way you view your body?

Motherhood was the catalyst that really made me start to view myself from the inside out, instead of the outside in. I wanted to be HEALTHY so my body could create a strong, healthy baby. I started focusing on eating whole foods and exercising regularly before I got pregnant and during my pregnancy so that my daughter and I would get the nutrition we both needed. My greatest craving was spinach! I know it sounds strange, but I had two salads a day, I just couldn’t get enough! Even to this day, it has not completely gone away. I eat spinach every day and my daughter loves it too. It must have been the iron and folate.

I felt so empowered by what my body could do. I helped create life and then sustain and nourish that life through nursing. That empowerment started me on the road to finding crossfit, discovering the amazing feats I can accomplish if I work hard.

  1. How do balance workouts (and healthy eating) with raising a young child?

For me, it’s just a part of my daily life like brushing your teeth. I don’t feel normal if I can’t move my body. It makes me feel alive. As for the diet part, everyone has to eat! I just choose foods that will nourish me. It helps that I like to cook and the food I make tastes great. My family loves everything I make. My daughter doesn’t know any different and I explain our food choices from a point of health. I don’t ever want her to have a complex with food, like I did earlier in life. I want her to be informed and make healthy choices when she is an adult. I let her have cupcakes or ice cream once and a while because those are some of life’s simple pleasures. I try to make it a gluten free option or we only have that as a choice once and a great while.

  1. In January we see a surge in fitness club memberships, and by April, 90% of the people have stopped going to the gym. How can a person keep the momentum going throughout the year?

The most important thing is to find something you genuinely love to do for exercise, and then it doesn’t feel like work. It also helps to do it with a friend or group of people who will help you be accountable and up the fun factor as well. Variety is the spice of life, change up your exercise regimen often. Constantly varying your workouts will also give you better results.

  1. Do you ever impulsively eat off your diet regime and then feel “guilty” or “disappointed” in yourself? How do you deal with those negative feelings while trying to move forward and stay on course?

Of course! Sometimes I choose to “cheat” and other times I’m put in a situation where I’m so hungry, I just eat what’s available. When that happens I just tell myself, next meal you’re back on track or plan ahead better next time. I know myself and my intentions. I want to be healthy and disease free for life, so I don’t tell myself I’m deprived because I can’t eat a donut. I tell myself I’m privileged to live in a place where I have a CHOICE to eat REAL food that will nourish me. Your attitude towards food, affects your choices.

  1. Obviously discipline is key to achieving a fantastic physique. What are your 3 topreasons to get off the couch and into the gym?

You will feel more confident and capable in life.
You deserve to feel happy, healthy, and strong!
You look better naked! ;)

  1. Do you have an inspiration motto or quote that keeps you motivated?