Natalie Cline

Adventuress, Student, Mother, and Body Builder

“Stay consistent ladies and ENJOY THE PROCESS!”

  1. It’s January, and time for all the New Year’s Resolutions to get fit in 2012.  What is your best fitness advice for women wanting to get in shape this year?

Life is all about balance! Don't live your life stressing about food and working out all the time. Take life for what it is day to day. Finding that happy balance of healthy eating and exercise is what it’s all about.

  1. How often (and how long) do you work out each week?

I do cardio about 6 days a week and maybe lift 2 of those days. Always have a day of full rest!

  1. What is you eating regime?  Do you specifically eat certain foods or avoid specific foods?

I try to eat as clean as possible on a daily basis so that when I do want something off my diet I know it won’t effect me as much. I stick to egg whites, wheat toast, oatmeal, fruit, nuts, chicken, turkey, fish and lots of veggies for the most part. But don't get me wrong, no one has a bigger sweet tooth than me, so it can get rough at times! =) 

  1. How do you achieve a feminine physique with muscular definition?

Don't be afraid to lift some weights! As a women, you body will never look manly. But cardio and a healthy diet will prevent your body from feeling bulky while lifting. They all have to go together! 

  1. How has motherhood changed the way you view your body?

It hasn't! I feel like I am in better shape now than I ever was before my daughter. 

  1. How do balance workouts (and healthy eating) with raising a young child?

I have my daughter eat a lot of what I eat. When kids grow up eating healthy food, that’s all they will want. On occasion I eat my chicken while she enjoys a Wendy’s cheeseburger! =)

  1. In January we see a surge in fitness club memberships, and by April, 90% of the people have stopped going to the gym.  How can a person keep the momentum going throughout the year?

Again, balance, balance is the key! So many people get so excited to get started but also expect to see drastic results too soon. I tell my clients to "enjoy the process". Working out is all about consistency and knowing that it won’t happen overnight but it WILL happen.

  1. Do you ever impulsively eat off your diet regime and then feel “guilty” or “disappointed” in yourself?  How do you deal with those negative feelings while trying to move forward and stay on course?

All the time! I have struggled with these feeling a lot! It is actually my main focus for me right now! I just tell myself that it’s over. I enjoyed it and tomorrow is a new day! 

  1. Obviously discipline is key to achieving a fantastic physique.  What are your 3 top reasons to get off the couch and into the gym?

1. Living a healthy lifestyle
2. Feeling great about yourself
3. It’s fun!

  1. Do you have an inspiration motto or quote that keeps you motivated?

Stay consistent ladies and ENJOY THE PROCESS!