Find Your Poetic Muse

By Niina Welker

Meet Niina Welker, a talented and gifted young poet who wrote an inspiring poem entitled, Women of 8 Values.  The spirit of Niina’s poem is “Believe in yourself” which is the ethos of Adventure Woman.  We asked Niina a few questions about her poem and her creative muse:

1. What prompted the idea to write: Women of 8 Values?

Everyone underestimates the female gender. We are stronger than others think and in many different ways we are stronger than the males of this world. My poem Women of 8 Values shows that believing in what we can do is how we achieve. But we have to believe in ourselves first and believe we are beautiful in doing just that. We can’t change who we are but in wonderful ways we can help change the world.

2. Why did you choose the characteristics of, “faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice, accountability, good works, integrity, and virtue,” as your eight values?

As a member of the LDS church I follow these values and through these my standards are set high for goals in life and trials that I may encounter someday. These values make me become stronger as a woman and help me to believe in myself. These are the core values that should be within everyone woman on earth. Knowing that they aren’t alone. Each value has its own particular meaning and saying that we are all unique in our own way.

3. Writing poetry is a real art.  Can you give our readers a little advice on how to approach writing poetry?

Find inspiration in anything you enjoy. It doesn’t necessarily have to be personal. If you have a favorite author maybe read what they’ve written and see how they relates to you or why you like that particular piece of work. In my own experiences I started writing when I started singing and found a deep inspiration for my family culture which is Japan. Any little thing that happened to me I would write in my notebook. Now I have several notebooks. Find the beauty within is always what I think when I’m writing. I hope some of this helps. Just know that your life experiences are worth remembering and poetry is one way of expressing it.

Women of 8 Values

Always with the second hand; helpless and weak
We are stronger than that, bolder than they think
Yet, they just wink
Looking right through us; to fix a leak

No damsel in distress, but skillful and wise
Stray us (but a little) away and you might be in demise

Time has passed Women of the World
Take your unknown light's strength-men think twice
Know your strength and like a sailor take the oar
Show your might and let it shine over the World

Embracing us with astral power the Goddesses do
"Believe in yourself" that's all they ask
We are Women of 8 Values: Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Knowledge, Choice
 and Accountability, Good Works, Integrity, and Virtue.
Make a difference (big or small) and that's what we do!